Omen Manifesto

We’ve worked the traditional agency and in-house sides of fashion PR.

And we don’t want to be either.

We’re not party organizers. We’re not pit bulls with a rolodex. We’re not press release pushers.

We DO all of those things- but fight to make the experience personal for each one of our clients- and fight daily against the clichés that surround the concept of a traditional “publicist”.

Omen: a prophetic message- a phenomenon or occurrence regarded as a sign of the future.

We believe that full service public relations is a strategic driver that creates the fashion and art icons of tomorrow; the designers and artists who challenge the imaginations of a culture obsessed with chasing the next trend.

We’re a network of publicists, casting directors, stylists, art directors, web developers, and photographers who get off on predicting the unfolding of media trends for our clients. Helping them strategically navigate their message for long-term growth and notoriety in an industry increasingly focused on the short-term.

Through honest relationships and creative collaborations with the industry’s top editors, stylists, and influencers, we’re able to elevate brands above the competition, in a world that is saturated with heartless, disposable “fast fashion”.

We work with people that inspire us.

Our clients stand alone, based on the merit of their products and the personalities behind them.

We believe the world needs to hear about them, simply because we believe in them.